English Conversation B

Taught by:  Dustin Kidd and Kriss Lange

The goal of this course is for students to produce interesting articles on a variety of topics in English.  Students will learn to research and write articles that will be used for a course publication.        

By the end of this course, students should have acquired the knowledge and skills to be able to write various kinds of entertaining and informative articles suitable for inclusion in a course publication.  The specific objectives are the weekly writing assignments for this course which will be described in class.

English Conversation A

By the end of this course, our goal is to improve students' English writing ability (fluency and accuracy) by more than 10% on a pre and post writing sample. In order to achieve this goal we'll focus on practicing writing for a variety of purposes such as descriptive, comparative and narrative writing. Students will develop writing fluency through the habits of journal writing and in-class freewritings (timed writing assignments).