This is a course to help you better understand lectures delivered in English.

This is the 2009.2 English composition course offered to the sophomoes of English majors at UOU. Aims of the course is to improve students' English composition skills.


1. Translating Korean texts into English

2. Constructing English texts of the following genre

   - Travel brochures, news, argumentations

The emphasis of this course will be on genre based writing. Students will write five different genres for a topic they choose: recount, procedure, description, report and explanation. Some of the final draft of these writings will be published in a joint magazine in affiliation with the University of Shimane, thanks to Professor Eguchi.

This three-credit course of English Composition II offered for sophomore students majoring in English is run in collaboration with the English composition class led by Professor Mariko Eguchi at the University of Shimane in Japan.

The course is taught by Dr. Jeong, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The emphasis will be on writing newspaper genres such as hard news, editorials, and situated writing with the textbook, Real 3 Writing. Some of the final draft of writing for newspapers will be published in a newspaper in affiliation with the University of Shimane.


This cousre aims to improve English composition skills through writing a newpaper articles and essays with usage and grammar exercises based on the translation text book.
This is the very first course in English Conversation taken by freshmen students in the Department of English at the University of Ulsan. The ultimate goal of the course is to help students develop a natural speaking voice for everyday situations. 
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This World English Course is just a test version of course using Moodle. I will update this course step by step to introduce you to main themes of the cultures of English speaking countries - the US, the Uk, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, South Africa, India, and so on.